Welcome to Gospel Revolution Blog. This site isn’t with the GospelRevolution.com website, but we are partners in sharing the gospel with the world. Shean Smith is the author of this site. The Gospel Revolution Blog will have a blog, a video blog, and will host a podcast called, “Slung Dung.”

The Gospel Revolution Blog is intended to be a new and better experience than one would expect from our religious society. Gospel Revolution Blog will host different bloggers and ideas about the real gospel that originated from the Old Testament scriptures, rather than the New Testament, which is a commentary on the Old Testament.

Christianity comes from and is maintained by democratic vote that began with the Nicaean Council in 325 AD and continues through all new councils and creeds. Christianity comes from creeds and councils, not the truth of the gospel that comes from the scriptures (the Old Testament).

Finally, the Gospel Revolution Blog will focus on Love always, regardless. Love never harms anyone, but sometimes the best place to love difficult people is from afar and even further from electronic devices.

Thank you for visiting this website!