Good News!

Today is a new day when the church doesn’t control the state and censure speech and written words. Ideas flourish, and freedom abounds today in many Western Societies. People can say and write pretty much what they want to without having the religious police show up at their door. Atheists can breathe easily knowing that their American government won’t burn them at the stake.

I love living during in these times. I can use my freedom of speech, to tell the truth about Christianity’s activities of doing everything possible to prevent┬áthe true gospel from getting out to the public ever since the Nicaean Council in 325 AD.

Christianity has come to sunset in its evolution. It’s losing power in powerful countries like the USA little by little. It’s falling to the excellent news about sin not existing since Jesus Dying on the cross in 33 AD. It is losing to all required religious activities that were completed and stopped at the cross in 33 AD. Finally, it’s lost to the fact that everybody lives now in heavenly bliss whether they know it or not.

Humankind has bodies that are like dry cocoons with beautiful butterflies inside that are waiting to break free and fly out. The dry cocoons are our bodies that when they die, release the beautiful living creature inside to live like they were meant to live, forever. And that’s good news, I mean, the gospel.