Adam’s Sin

A Question To Ponder

How hard is it to understand that Jesus’ work was at least as powerful as Adam’s?, Mike Williams, The Gospel Revolution

The entirety of humanity died because the one man, Adam, sinned. Then, the one man Jesus Christ came along and died to give all humanity life, but he only succeeded in giving just a few life. How sad is that? How weak of a savor is that? That makes Jesus sound like a wussy doesn’t it? But wait, that also makes God out to be a weakling, too, right?

Jesus’ purpose on earth was to reverse what Adam did, which was to consign the entire human race to the grave. Wouldn’t Jesus be a failure if he failed to save the entire human race from death? Yes. That means that if Adolf Hitler went to Hell for his mass murders, then Jesus is an utter failure. Nevertheless, Christianity, at least evangelical Christianity, teaches that most of humanity is consigned to hell for rejecting Jesus as their savior.

Now we have something interesting. What happens to those people who don’t believe that Adam’s sin condemned humanity to die? Will they burn in hell twice?

If the Christian God is so “just” why doesn’t he keep to his own law and treat humanity with his very own “eye for an and a tooth for a tooth” statute? Here’s an example: Adam sinned on a tree and condemned all humanity to death; Jesus did righteousness on a tree and saved all humanity for life. Rather than an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, the overtly Just Jehovah chose his blood on a tree for Adam’s sin on a tree. Somewhere in there is some overkill I’d say.

Now, about accepting or rejecting Jesus; believing in or rejecting Jesus has no impact on Jehovah’s saving grace on the cross. People didn’t get to accept being condemned to death by Adam on the tree, nor do people get to accept being saved from death by Jesus on the tree.

The true gospel is actually good news. There is no hell. There is only life. As soon as all people realize that the sooner they can get on with living.